Related Events

Related Events:
Saturday, 16 April-
7:30pm : Meet at Chaville “M.J.C DE LA VALLEE”
(MJC is short for “Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture” meaning “youth and culture house” ) to sing a few tunes to open the event and then optional gnawa/morrocan concert music.
Sunday, 17th April:
– 12:00 : Brunch in Versailles @ “La pièce d’eau des Suisses”
– evening : blue-grass / folk and singing time in Versailles -> <-
In mid-April in the “hauts-de-seine” (Close suburb, between Paris and Versailles) takes place the “CLAM’FESTIVAL” which is a festival organised by the association “Dire le monde” (as ‘tell the world”). Their purpose is to spread and defend musical cultures from all around the world. The theme of this year being “Voices and singing”, we decided to take this opportunity to organise the first ever Paris all-day singing ! The organisation of the all-day  is independent from the festival.
Paris (and its different suburbs) has been singing sacred harp for a few month now. There is a regular group meeting every two weeks or so. There was also a few workshop given. Accent is quite bad, shape note reading in progress but motivation is here ! This all-day singing will be the occasion for most of the people singing in France to experience for the first time a big session with many singers.
France sacred harp counts on you !
Bienvenue !